Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sip - Say It with Me: Lah- goo- knee- tuss!

Hi everyone, this is Gabe. Casey asked me to write this week's Sunday Sip post and without hesitation, I have chosen to talk about a beverage near and dear to my heart: BEER.

For those that don't know I consider myself a craft beer fan and more accurately, a beer geek. As such, I love sampling different styles of beer from the many craft breweries throughout the U.S. Currently my favorite, Lagunitas Brewing Company hails from nearby Petaluma, CA. This is a short review of their beer and brewing campus.

This past Friday I stopped off on my way home from Santa Rosa, just off Highway 101 and was amazed to find that at 3:30 pm the parking lot was packed full of visitors! The campus, consisting of brewery tourists as well as brew pub frequenters, was buzzing. Commonly, live music fills the outdoor dining area, adding to the social atmosphere. On this visit, I picked up a to-go bottle of the brewery's flagship, Lagunitas IPA to enjoy throughout the upcoming week.

In case I've piqued your interest in either visiting this great establishment or in sampling one of their beers, here's a list of five of the varieties offered:

1. Lagunitas IPA - A strong floral, citrusy hopped india pale ale with excellent balance and a crisp, dry finish that demands another sip.

2. Czech Pils - A light, easy drinking summer beer with a traditional, light bitterness and refreshing appeal, my recommendation for someone new to craft beer.

3. Little Sumpin Sumpin - A delightfully deceiving American Wheat ale with a surprising burst of fruity hop flavor and aroma.   

4. Cappuccino Stout - A hearty dark ale with strong flavors of coffee, espresso, vanilla bean, chocolate, and roast character for those cold winter months.

5. Censored Ale - A malty amber ale with great caramel flavor and a balance of citrusy and herbal hop character. 

Most, if not all, of these can be found at your local neighborhood craft beer store. Also, these five are just the tip of the iceberg as the brewery releases numerous seasonal releases in 22 oz. bottles and crafts a plethora of styles available only on draught from the brew pub in Petaluma.

Thanks for letting me guest star in this newest post. I'd love any feedback (good or bad) and any brewing or beer questions. Casey (and Poppy) will be back later this week with a great summer dessert.

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