Thursday, November 7, 2013

In Transit

Gabe and I are moving this weekend, just a few miles away, to a much bigger place with a yard and multiple closets and all kinds of other awesome stuff. It's a little bittersweet since we've created such great memories at our soon-to-be old place, so I felt a little tribute was in order.

This apartment was our first place together, fresh out of college, and meant the world to us as our first home together. After more than four years of long distance during college, being able to finally move in together was a huge, exciting step for us. When we moved in, Gabe didn't have a job yet, so he stayed home and put together Ikea furniture all day. After a few weeks we finally bought a couch but the space was so small that all we could fit was one half of a sectional.

Around Valentine's Day last year, we went to a local animal shelter "just to see what was there" and ended up becoming the parents of a sassy orange cat who has clawed her way into our hearts.

We brewed beer together, cooked meals together, and I started a blog. We learned each other's habits and quirks and settled into a routine.

Last May, I helped Gabe slowly climb the stairs as he returned home after an eight day stay in the hospital. A few short months later, I bounded up the stairs alone, my heart racing, as an epic treasure hunt ended in Gabe's proposal in our living room. Poppy participated, of course.

Amy came to visit and we watched the Giants win the World Series!

We had our first Christmas together and picked out a tree that barely fit in the living room...but it was perfect nonetheless.

We spent countless hours planning our wedding: stamping envelopes, writing our vows, creating seating charts, trying to account for every little detail.

And then we returned from our honeymoon, back to real life, and ready to seek out a new place to turn into our home.

Thanks for the memories, Stuart Street. I can't wait to see what the next place brings!

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